About TinyVoucher

Hi! 👋

I'm Tuomas and I'm the person behind TinyVoucher.

My wife is a sole-entrepreneur as an owner of a foot clinic. She is a good example of an entrepreneur who has digitalized many aspects of her business. She has a modern point-of-sale system with reporting that makes her business pretty much paperless.

As part of her business, she sells vouchers for treatments. They usually are for birthday gifts and special occasions. The customer visits her clinic and buys the voucher. My wife prints the voucher on a paper and adds the voucher into her records. The vouchers are the only aspect that has not been brought to the age of the internet.

It has been a bit cumbersome but it gets the job done. But one day, my wife asked me how could she sell digital vouchers on her website.

This got me thinking about this problem from multiple points of view. I am the tech support regarding her website. I have set up her business website as a static website, meaning that it does not have any content management system, such as Wordpress or Squarespace.

The best part of this setup is, I don't have to worry about security vulnerabilities. It keeps running, and I don't have to check up on it for months.

I wanted to sell digital vouchers without sacrificing any of the benefits. I searched the internet but I couldn't find any that would match my needs.

So instead of scratching my own itch, I started scratching my wife's itch. 😃

My goal is to enable small businesses to sell and manage their digital vouchers in a simple way. Just copy & paste a few lines of HTML into your website and you can start selling your vouchers.

These wonderful illustrations are from undraw.co by Katerina Limpitsouni.

TinyVoucher is built by Tuomas Jomppanen in Oulu, Finland.

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