Privacy Policy

Last revised 2.5.2020

TinyVoucher collects as few as possible personal identifiable information from it's users

TinyVoucher is a service provided by Tinyinvoice Ltd.

TinyVoucher does not collect personally identificable information from visiting users, who are not logged in. TinyVoucher does not use cookies or any other means of tracking for users who are not logged in to the service.

When user is logged in, TinyVoucher may collect data for usage and performance monitoring, but it is not personally identifiable data. The collected data is stored inside TinyVoucher services and it is not shared with third-parties.

The only exception to this is the payment processor (Stripe) that TinyVoucher is using. Since TinyVoucher loads third-party JavaScript from Stripe on when customers are purchasing for a voucher, TinyVoucher does not have control of what kind of tracking they do.

In order to use TinyVoucher, an user must provide following information:
Email, Password, Country, Company Website, Company Phone number, Company address

Since TinyVoucher is in EU, it follows the GDPR regulations. The customers have a right to access ALL of their information that is stored in TinyVoucher. They also have a right to be forgotten, it means that all personal information is deleted upon a request. In case of tax-releated data, it is stored as long as the Tax regulations in Finland and EU mandate.

In case of data breach, TinyVoucher will send an email to all users as soon as possible, but within 72 hours.

You can contact TinyVoucher data processing officer through support channels.

TinyVoucher has the right to update this privacy policy at any time.

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