Frequently Asked Questions

Does TinyVoucher work with websites that use Wordpress as a content management system?

Yes, TinyVoucher works with Wordpress. Make sure that the TinyVoucher JavaScript library is loaded on the page where you have your vouchers.

Why TinyVoucher has a monthly subscription and then it takes a share from each sold digital voucher?

The main purpose of this kind of pricing model is to make sure that TinyVoucher has a healthy business model. The businesses who decide to become a customers of TinyVouchers are serious about selling vouchers on their website.

I created an account and TinyVoucher says I am on TEST-MODE?

In order to money transfers to work, you need to set up a connected account to payment provider, Stripe. You can do that from TinyVoucher.

You can test vouchers before setting up connection with Stripe, but the customers cannot pay for vouchers, and therefore vouchers are not sent to your customers.

How do my customers redeem the voucher?

Your customer can redeem the voucher by showing the voucher (email or PDF) to you. You read the voucher code and type it into TinyVoucher dashboard. If the voucher code is valid, it is marked as redeemed. After that it cannot be used anymore.

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